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  I've been a committed naturist for over 50 years and in that time have been fortunate enough to have visited over 45 different naturist resorts around the World in ten different countries.
Allow me, therefore, to relate how it all came about. Nudity during family holidays in my youth on remote beaches always seemed to me to be perfectly natural, but it wasn't until my late teens in the early '60s that I encountered formal social naturism for the first time during a visit to France. Montalivet is an Atlantic seaside resort town in the Medoc region of France, North West of Bordeaux.
I wandered along the beach away from the town and its crowded beach sporting a tight pair of swimming trunks.



The Parafotos Story

  About half a mile later a simple sign in the sand declaring
NUDITE OBLIGATOIRE’ changed my life completely, but not before I had experienced for the one and only time - albeit only for a couple of minutes - that embarrassment of being the only person wearing something when all around are naked!
The exhilaration and freedom of swimming that day without any form of restrictive clothing remains as vivid now as it aid all those years ago.


  It wasn't until the mid eighties that I started travelling abroad specifically to take naturist photographs. Arnaoutchot became a favourite location. I've lost count of the number of times I've been there. It's a naturist photographer's dream with the crashing Atlantic surf, the picturesque rolling sand dunes and the sweet smelling pines providing a haven for deer, squirrel and all manner of birds. And, of course, the sun sets over the sea to the West producing wonderful crimson back clothes at the end of the day. 1989 saw me looking at ways of extending my creative horizons.
 There isn't a still photographer anywhere who hasn't been intrigued with the idea of moving images and I was no exception. We’ve now made 64 films promoting naturism and naturist resorts.


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Story Cont.
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Alice was an H&E Cover girl for the 3rd time in February 2014, while Faith graced the cover in June 2014
(both photos by Charlie)


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H&E naturist reviewer, Martin Roche.

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